[parisc-linux] new binutils/gcc

Paul Bame bame@endor.fc.hp.com
Fri, 25 Feb 2000 14:12:17 -0700

Willy, Sammy,

I've been trying the elf stuff plus Sammy's patches, updated to work
from the current CVS bits.  Here's what I've found so far:

1) this compiler seems to allocate the rp and ret1 registers first
which makes debugging from register dumps worse -- no glancing at r2
to figure out who called ya.

2) I'm seeing death in an infinite loop in flush_instruction_tlb and
it looks as though it's because cache_info has not been initialized yet.

3) We get to start_parisc() but no C procedure calls work from there --
even a local call is failing.  The local call, to address c0114dd4,
generates the following branch:

    c020cbcc:       e5 00 29 38     be,l 49c(sr4,r8)

r8 = 0xc0000000 and sr4 = 0 so I think this branches to a very
bad place.  Another branch to pdc_console_init() generates

    c020cbec:       e5 00 31 30     be,l 898(sr4,r8)

pdc_console_init is at c0101b50 T pdc_console_init

Note that I CHANGED the load address of 0xc0010000 to 0xc0100000 in
vmlinux.lds but I can't see there's a relationship so I'm stumped and
suspect maybe a language system bug which isn't my forte.  Enjoy :-)

The sources I used can be generated by applying the patch
pehc:/tmp/sammy2 to the CVS bits current as of this morning.

	-Paul Bame