[parisc-linux] Weekly News [2000/02/18]

David Huggins-Daines dhuggins@linuxcare.com
18 Feb 2000 21:43:37 -0500

willy@thepuffingroup.com writes:

>  * The ELF toolchain has received some updates this week. Sammy
>    contributed initial support for Linux/PARISC ELF32. Matthew contributed
>    some build fixes for HP/UX and David H-D contributed Debian and Red
>    Hat build support for x86.

And Alpha - actually someone needs to build an i386 binary package for
Debian.  Note that the Debian build support is in CVS, so you can just
run 'debian/rules build && fakeroot debian/rules binary-arch' from
within a checked-out tree to get a binary package for your

Sammy or some other toolchain hacker: can you look at the diff from
the SRPM?  I haven't checked it into CVS because it's a really bad
kludge, but it's needed to compile on Alpha.

As far as I can tell, BFD64 gets defined if either the target *or* the
host is 64-bit.  The assembler and linker code then expects that it is
being built for a 64-bit target, but the build system (rightly) obeys
the arch specification string and only builds elf32 targets in BFD.

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