Malicious list subscription (was: Re: [parisc-linux] Boot info from 715/64)

Dominik Kubla
Sun, 6 Feb 2000 20:17:42 +0100

On Sun, Feb 06, 2000 at 07:40:26PM +0100, Robin Tawab wrote:
> OK guys, i give up, could somebody out there help me. 
> Someone has subscribed me to this mailing list, it was 
> not me. I would now like to unsubscribe but the stuipid 
> mailer answers me that my email adress was not found.
> Could someone out there please help me to get 
> unsubscribed, please?
> thanx in advance
> robin.

If the mailing list software tells you that you are not subscribed, then
you are not. Most likely somebody used a free mail service account to
subscribe to the list and then setup mail forwarding to point to you.

So check the headers of the mails you are receiving from the list to see
to which address the listserver is delivering the mail.  Then forward this
information to both the postmaster of that server and the listmaster, so
that both can take appropriate action.

  Dominik Kubla