serial console on 735/99

Simen Timian Thoresen
Wed, 2 Feb 2000 10:44:33 +0100

> hello!
> the problem is that the fddi was built in instead of aui
> (special-edition kind of thing) since the machine used to be in a
> cluster (hence also no monitor or keyboard). i was wondering if i could
> find something more along the lines of the eisa-slot...

Right. The EISA slot can function as a normal ISA slot, so you can stick any 
old ISA nic into it. The question then is what cards are supported by HP, 
> i don't know if the fddi can be yanked out and replaced by aui or
> anyhing (haven't opened the machine - yet), but if it can - anybody want
> to trade?

As my EISA card is a CDDI-card (pretty useless Copper Distributed Digital 
Interface - lowtech fddi afaik), I need my aui-card myself. But if anybody 
wants some older 'DDI-technology, I'll donate my CDDI-card to whoever 
swaps his AUI-card with your FDDI-card.

I guess I'm somewhat less helpfull now than I thought I was, but still. ;-)

Simen Thoresen, Beowulf-cleaner and random artist.

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