serial console on 735/99

Eric Schnoebelen
Tue, 01 Feb 2000 09:48:32 -0600

"Pedro G. Gonnet" writes:
- forgot to mention, i don't have a HIL keyboard, so unplugging it is not
- an option. anybody know if it might have something to do with the vt100?

	It's possible that someone reset the speeds on the
serial port, or configured the system to use the secondary
serial port as the console.  In any event, I'd suggest removing
the battery for a while, and then booting the system.. With no
graphics adapter, it will default to ttya at 9600/8n1.

- btw, any chance i could get my hands on an "normal" ethernet-adaptor for
- this machine? fddi-cards cost a fortune...

	As I recall, the ethernet module for these are no longer
in the HP price book.. You might try contacting an used HP
equipment reseller and see what they want for one.. Otherwise,
the next best option is a FDDI<->ethernet hub/router..

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