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SGI just released OpenGL Sample Implementation to Open Source Community.  

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		OpenGL - High Performance 2D/3D Graphics

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SGI Release = OpenGL Sample Implementation to Open Source = Community
01/26/00 SGI has just released = source code for its OpenGL Sample Implementation to the open source = community. The Sample Implementation is a reference implementation of = the OpenGL, GLU, and GLX APIs, and also serves as the basis for almost = all vendor-supported OpenGL hardware drivers in existence today. This is = a major step in ensuring the widespread availability of high-quality, = high-performance OpenGL drivers for the Linux platform. The OpenGL = Sample Implementation source code is available for download from SGI's = open source developer Web site at http://oss.sgi.com. The FAQ = explains more about the sample implementation, its impact and how this = is a very open license!

Mirai v 1.1 = OpenGL Animation System enhances speed and adds = features
01/26/00 Mirai is a integrated = 2D/3D editor and animation system for game developers. The new version = enhances render speed supports depth of filed and orthographic = rendering, adds more geometry and skeletal animation tools, adds = flipbooks and animation curves, and more.

Innovation3D = OpenGL modeler for Linux (beta)
01/25/00 Inovation3D is a = well-featured, open source, OpenGL-accelerated 3D modeling program = developed for Linux using the QT2.0 interface . It lets you: model with = splines, meshes, and surfaces; sweep/revolve a spline into a triangle = mesh or a Nurbs surface; modify object properties; texture map and fine = tune the mapping coordinates with the UVEditor; create keyframe = animations, using IK and skeletal deformation; and animate colors and UV = coordinates.

Crazy Marbles = game adds OpenGL support
01/25/00 Saw on Voodoo Extreme a note that = Crazy Marbles, the winner of the Golden Oldies contest, now includes = support for OpenGL Crazy Marbles is game where you guide a marble = through an obstacle range and try to reach the end as quickly as = possible. 3 level demo version available

DemoGL v 1.2 = visual & audio fx synchronization tools add GeForce support =
01/25/00 DemoGL for Win32 lets = you to time, synch and play OpenGL powered effects together with MP3 = music The SDK comes with example code and complete documentation. DemoGL = is currently available for Visual C++ version 5 and 6. It is free for = graphical demos and other non commercial applications. The new version = fixes memory leak and adds support for GeForce extensions

Quantum Galaxy = OpenGL screensaver
01/25/00 A slick looking = screensaver that takes full advantage of OpenGL.

MindRover = OpenGL game free add-on components
01/25/00 Coginitoy has released = two free components that extend the funtionality of MindRover: Advanced = Logic for programming your vehicle and Health sensors for vehicle = repair. In MindRover you are a researcher on Europa. In your free time = you re-program the vehicles to race around the hallways, battle it out = with mini lasers and rocket launchers, and navigate through mazes. = Reviwed on Gamepost.
GL4Java = adds support for Mesa 3.1 (with OpenGL 1.2 features) and GLU = 1.2
01/25/00 Spazz3D for Win9x/NT = lets you design, build, assign interactivity and animations to 3-D = scenes & Text. It outputs AVI or VRML 97 fies. OpenGL is used for = lighting, texturing and rendering. A screensaver is included that lets = you play your VRML worlds

Soldier of = Fortune OpenGL game demo now available.
01/25/00 In Activision's SOF, you = play the role of a military mercenary and hit the road. You'll have to = use your reflexes and your wits to negotiate tense hostage situations or = take down terrorist encampments in any number of international locales; = from the dark subways of New York City to the roof of a speeding train = in Russia. Requires an OpenGL accelerator.

Altered Worlds = OpenGL screensaver now for Linux
01/21/00 Altered Worlds Free 3D = OpenGL screensavers now run on Linux in addition to Win9x/NT. The Linux = version also lets you run a spinning 3D desktop on your root window. = Download is free and includes several screensavers.

Spazz3D authors = VRML using OpenGL rendering
01/21/00 Spazz3D for Win9x/NT = lets you design, build, assign interactivity and animations to 3-D = scenes & Text. It outputs AVI or VRML 97 fies. OpenGL is used for = lighting, texturing and rendering. A screensaver is included that lets = you play your VRML worlds

Strangesaver = runs OpenGL apps as screensavers
01/20/00 Saw on DemoNews that in = addition to running demos recorded in Quake, QUake II, Quake III, = Half-Life, the Strangesaver screensaver now runsany executable as a = screensaver, allowing users to run Open GL demos as screensavers The = StrangeSaver Demos pack comes with three OpenGL demos, Colfire, Arc and = SpringMatrix, (the pick from the OpenGL Challenge.

OpenGL fog = tutorial
01/20/00 Here is a pretty short = tutorial from NeHe Producitons aimed at teaching you the art of fog = using OpenGL. You'll learn how to use 3 different fog filters, how to = change the color of the fog, and how to set how far into the screen the = fog starts and how far into the screen it ends. Definitely a nice effect = to know! This is the 16th OpenGL tutorial on this excellent resources = site.

NVIDIA, SGI and = VA Linux To Bring OpenGL 1.2 To Desktop Linux
01/19/00 NVIDIA (3D graphics = hardware and software) , SGI (3D & OpenGL) and VA Linux Systems (2D = graphics and multi-monitor work) announced they will collaborate on the = industry's first 100% OpenGL 1.2-conformant hardware - accelerated = graphics subsystem for Linux workstations. The resulting NVIDIA-based = desktops will be the first to provide hardware 3D transform and = lighting, hardware 2D and video acceleration, video overlay, = multi-monitor capability and full native OpenGL conformance under = Linux.

Physically = based modeling using OpenGL - examples & source
01/19/00 Three source code demos = based on physically based modeling: particle systems, Spring coupled = particle system to make a deformable sphere, and rigid body dynamics = simulation of a cube.

GBalls OpenGL = screensaver
01/19/00 Voodoo Extreme notes a new = OpenGL screensaver with dancing balls, much color, some effects.

OpenGL Recent Headlines - View Recent = Headlines with Descriptions

Webots 2 OpenGL-accelerated mobil robot = simulator 01/17/00

3D = Exploration 1.2 OpenGL-accelerated 3D viewer and format = converter 01/17/00

Euphoria OpenGL screensaver 01/17/00

3DLabs shows OpenGL ICD on Intel IA-64 (Itanium) = Processor 01/17/00

Sample code & docs for character animation and motion = capture using OpenGL 01/17/00

OglCLib C++ class for 3D shapes using OpenGL = 01/17/00

3dsia OpenGL virtual reality shell for = Linux 01/12/00

GeForce 256 OpenGL T&L Performance FAQ = 01/12/00.

Tread Marks OpenGL tank racing & combat game is = released 01/12/00

Turbo Load OpenGL game - seeks testers 01/11/00

News & Features = from November = 1999 includes the following items among others:

  • Synapes = 3D interface goes Open Source
  • 3D MiDi = is like OpenGL winAMP for Midi
  • Toon3D = game creator engine
  • Siz = lesson OpenGL game tutorial
  • New = versions of GLSetup
  • Balder's Gate 2 to use OpenGL
  • Netreality for Linux - searches interenet


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