[parisc-linux] Q: What kind of RAM does a HP 9000 E35 (800 series) need?

Matthew Wilcox matthew@wil.cx
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 15:56:36 +0100

On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 04:46:13PM +0200, Paul Wouters wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what kind of RAM (and what minimum number of modules) an
> HP9000 E35 needs? Also, what does it need to run Linux comfortable (without X)


The earliest PA-RISC servers have proprietary HP devices attached to
proprietary HP bus architectures. It is unlikely that documentation
on these busses and devices will ever become available, since so few
people are interested in spending any effort finding and releasing the
docs. Machines in this category are the E, F, G, H, I class (aka Nova)
and T500 series (Emerald) machines as well as some earlier, unlettered


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