[parisc-linux] FW Scsi support?

Matthew Wilcox matthew@wil.cx
Mon, 28 Aug 2000 07:29:36 -0400

On Sun, Aug 27, 2000 at 04:52:29PM -0500, Erik Paulson wrote:
> Hi
> 	I'm trying to get my C100 and C160 to boot with the CD image. Everything
> seems fine, except they don't see the SCSI disk I've got - only the CDROM.
> My guess is that they're angry about it being on the FWSCSI, (my CDROM is
> on SESCSI)
> Is Fastwide SCSI supported? If not, what needs to be done? I didn't see how
> to turn it on with 'make config'. Are there docs availble for this hardware?

You need to enable Zalon support.  Not sure where that is in the config

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