[parisc-linux] Kernel and palo source broken

Richard Hirst rhirst@linuxcare.com
Fri, 25 Aug 2000 12:40:49 +0100

  I just cvs updated palo and kernel source, and grabbed a new
cross compiler build from Matt.

palo update results in by A180 boot stopping after:

  Entry 00100000 first 00100000 n 3
  Segment 0 load 00100000 size 1512788 mediaptr 0x1000
  Segment 1 load 00272000 size 115348 mediaptr 0x173000
  Segment 2 load 00290000 size 122880 mediaptr 0x190000
  branching to kernel entry point 0x00100000
  Set default PSW W bit to 0

Kernel wouldn't build - mostly arch/parisc/kernel/signal.c problems,
needs to include linux/version.h, PF_PTRACED undefined...

I did cvs update -D '24 hours ago' on various things and my A180
boots again, but my 715/75 doesn't.  It thinks it has three disks
rather than two plus a tape, disk probing then fails, and finally
it thinks it is sending BOOTP requests but nothing is seen on the

Boy, am I glad Friday lunchtime is pub time!