Incompatibility of PIC and non-PIC

Matthew Wilcox
Sat, 19 Aug 2000 22:43:36 -0400

On Sun, Aug 20, 2000 at 01:07:13PM +1000, Alan Modra wrote:
> On 19 Aug 2000, David Huggins-Daines wrote:
> > This chunk needs to also check for undefined symbols, it seems.
> > Here's a better one:
> cvs update.  I think I've done things properly this time, although you'll
> no doubt find some silly bugs left when you actually run code on real
> hardware.
> BTW, Adding "-p" to your diff options would be a good idea.

so here's a .cvsrc file which should help people:

cvs -z3 -q
diff -uNp
update -Pd
rm -f

btw, is there any option to cvs diff which produces files which can be
applied by any known version of patch?  in my experience, patch can't
find files specified by Index: lines _unless_ both the +++ and the ---
files can't be found -- which is rarely the case with common names such
as Makefile or ChangeLog.  I hacked a copy of patch myself to apply one
of the cvs diff patches you posted here, but there surely has to be a
better way (complaining to Paul Eggert that while patch may or may not be
POSIX or GNU compliant it isn't _USEFUL_ may be the right answer here :-)

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