PA/Linux CD Image

Wed, 09 Aug 2000 17:45:27 +0200


I am interested in trying out the PA Linux cdrom. Before I put much
effort into installing it on my 735 i have a few questions.

my understanding of the current state of the port is that the kernel
boots and some user applications run at ... at least a few seconds.

how "complete" is the cdrom image, e.g. does there exist a /etc
directory with some rc.d files and similiar essential things? if i put
some effort into installing it then I'll like to use it as a basis for
further updates, e.g. when there will be eventually a stable kernel I
want to install it over this distribution. I'll have to install probably
some further programs, too. Will this be possible with a "reasonable"

aehm, i have a 200MB SCSI disk. That is enough, isn't it?

thank you,

- Stefan