[RFC] 2.4.0-test6-pre2 Merge softirq, local_irq_count, local_bh_count

Matthew Wilcox matthew@wil.cx
Sat, 5 Aug 2000 10:59:58 -0400

On Sat, Aug 05, 2000 at 06:19:56PM +1000, Keith Owens wrote:
> Linus rolled the change into 2.4.0-test6-pre4.  Do you want a hand
> patching parisc?  I would need a copy of include/asm-parisc and
> arch/parisc.

thanks for the offer, but we'll do it ourselves when we do the next
merge of Linus' tree into our own (we're still on 2.3.99pre8).

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