[parisc-linux] compiling on a 735? (fwd)

Bill Katz (William) billk@sr.hp.com
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 12:51:54 -0700 (PDT)

|I've recently gotten hold of a 735/99 (A2608A) workstation (128M ram and 2 
|really loud disks), and would like to contribute.
|I've cleaned one of the disks, and on the other I've installed the 
|egcs, flex and make depots (the bash-depot seems to be non-
|existent, so I've compiled and installed it from gnu.org myself.
|I've downloaded a kernel snapshot (some days ago), and now have 
|some questions;
|1. has anybody compiled ncurses, so that make menuconfig works? I'll give
|it a try soon.
|2. Is my 735 a 712 or 715? Does it matter at this stage?

It's neither, it's a 735.
It is however very similar to a 715/33,50,75, which are completely
different machines than 715/64,80,100.

|3. Is my 735 a A class or D class? Does it matter?

It's neither.

|4. The HCL notes that the 735 has a 7100, so that part is ok.

That's a 7100, not a 7100LC as used in 712, 715/64,80,100.

|5. Gecko or Dino? I don't have one pci-slots, so I guess it's no Dino, right?

It predates all of the Gecko era chips: LASI, DINO, etc.