[parisc-linux] cleaning up IPL and ramdisks

Ryan Bradetich rbradetich@uswest.net
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 12:44:03 -0600

Alex deVries wrote:

> We've talked for awhile about rewriting all the bootup stuff, it's
> served us well until now, but it really needs a rewrite to make it a lot
> cleaner.  Is anyone interested in taking this on?  Helge?


I am interested in helping since I've been struggling to get the kernel to
boot on the PA-RISC 2.0 architecture.


> The new version should use the same PDC calls as the rest of the kernel,
> use the entire LIF structure declared in the HPUX header files.
> Philipp, did you have any other thoughts?
> - Alex
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> Alex deVries
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