C200 support

Ryan Bradetich rbradetich@uswest.net
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 21:02:26 -0600

Grant Grundler wrote:

> Ryan Bradetich wrote:
> > I'm working on getting the kernel to boot/load on a C200...
> Ryan,
> C200+ has a PA-8200 processor (PA 2.0 Arch) and C200 had the previous
> PA 2.0 processor in it. Haven't you had problems since this port
> (to date) is focused on PA1.1 architecture?

Yep,  I have the C200+ with the PA-8200 processor, and yes ... I've been
having lots of problems with the port, but I'm slowly working through
them :)  Unfortunately, my parisc assembly/linux internals is really,
really weak, but this gives me a good chance to learn both.

> I'm certain PA2.0 will be supported in the future but not today.
> I don't want to discourage you but also don't want you to
> burn out trying to make this work...

Nah, I  probably won't get burned out, but will probably keep asking
quite a few questions as I continue to learn.

> grant
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