[parisc-linux] pa.h

Alex deVries adevries@thepuffingroup.com
Thu, 02 Sep 1999 19:11:12 -0400

So, I'm told there's a package called the Device Driver Toolkit (or
similiar) for PA RISC.  Inside it, there'd be a file called pa.h.  I
don't actually have this package, but would love to have access to this

In the same way that we've legally copied .h files from HPUX into the
Linux kernel tree, I'd like include pa.h.

Is there someone out there who has a copy of this file (and perhaps
other associated .h files)?

I'm interested in this because I want to setup a hardware inventory
database properly.

- Alex

Alex deVries
Vice President of Engineering
The Puffin Group