[parisc-linux] Progress

Paul Bame bame@debian.fc.hp.com
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 10:05:02 -0700

= > Unfortunately the strings are stored
= > in low-ish physical RAM which is overwritten when the our kernel is
= > loaded.  If we want the hpux command line badly enough, we'll have
= > to load the kernel at a higher physical location.  It could then
= > be copied to 0x10000 after we collect the command line.  
= How much higher do you think is necessary?  Hpux seems to use 0x11000.

I seem to recall 0x21xxx was where the strings were stored but my
memory is fallable, and printfs are easy to insert into the #if-0-ed
section (#if-1 it too...).  This is probably the "free" area at the
end of the hpux boot loader.  I think the boot loader text+data size
cannot exceed 256k (0x40000), plus maybe 64k (0x10000) for BSS and
heap, plus the 64k unusable at 0, so maybe 0x60000
would be a good conservative spot?