[hppa-linux] kernel stuff

Mike Shaver shaver@netscape.com
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 21:14:07 -0500

Two questions:
1) Why is there not a complete kernel checked into CVS?  It's going to
be a major nightmare if we don't control the entire tree and when we
merge forward to new Linus versions, etc.
[shaver@loonie parisc-linux]$ cvs -d
:pserver:shaver@sod.res.cmu.edu:/home/cvs/hppa co linux
cvs server: Updating linux
cvs server: Updating linux/arch
cvs server: Updating linux/arch/parisc
cvs server: Updating linux/arch/parisc/hp
U linux/arch/parisc/hp/machines.h
cvs server: Updating linux/arch/parisc/hp/boot
U linux/arch/parisc/hp/boot/Makefile
U linux/arch/parisc/hp/boot/mkipl.c
U linux/arch/parisc/hp/boot/mklifhdr.c
[shaver@loonie parisc-linux]$

2) What version should I unpack under the bits that _are_ in the tree?


291958.32 246858.49