[parisc-linux] Would this help

Alan_Millar@manulife.com Alan_Millar@manulife.com
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 11:43:42 -0400

I understand.  I'm still skeptical that you're going to end up burning
more time fighting those lame elf tools than you would by building with
SOM tools.

Of course, if you had two HP machines, then this is a non-issue :-)

I have been following this newsgroup with a vested interest as I am sitting on 3
HP 712/80 machines. My long term plan is to convert them from HP-UX to Linux and
then ????? but its always nice to have good hardware (If someone offered you 3
old Mercedes would you just junk 2 of them).

IFF it would help the development effort I would be prepared to loan 2 of the
boxes on the basis they came back with Linux installed. (time would not be a
great issue as they are just sitting on the shelf at the moment)

I live in Cambridge Ontario if that helps. Let me know .......



Alan Millar
Contract Consultant
Y2K End User Team