[parisc-linux] HP9000 J210

smoret-puffin@genocide.net smoret-puffin@genocide.net
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 12:36:23 -0700

I've got a HP9000 J210 sitting next to me that I'd like to offer help with.
I'm able to get precompiled kernels to begin to boot (they give the 
secret message), but I am unable to get the .lif generator to compile so I 
can compile my own kernels.

If someone could offer me some assistance I would appreciate it. Although
I'm unaware of what type of equipment (SCSI controller, ethernet) is in
my J210 if someone knows what I should open up to find out I'd help there

So far what I know about the J210: PA-RISC 7200 120MHz CPU, 512meg ram
no framebuffer, 10bT + AUI ethernet, and it uses bootp (rather than rbootd)
to boot.

I'd love to help out,

Steve Moret