[parisc-linux] 715/33 experience and one question

Grant Grundler grundler@cup.hp.com
Fri, 16 Jul 1999 09:10:51 -0700

Mike Hibler wrote:
> Hit your HP sources up for:
> 	Corba/Coral I/O Subsystem External Reference Specification

typo: I think Mike meant "Cobra" - as in the snake.

> Don't have a part or drawing number unfortunately.  We have version 1.43
> from November 1990.  Looks like it came out of Cupertino.
> As for the SCSI controller, the 700 isn't that different from the 710.
> Had a few bugs though as I recall and our driver/script did not work
> around all of them.

The two primary authors of HP-UXs c720 driver (which supported c710)
left HP at least a year ago. I'll try to interest them in helping
with the parisc-linux but no promises...


Grant Grundler
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