[parisc-linux] vmlinux in C360

Hannu Martikka martikka@stybba.ntc.nokia.com
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 16:11:58 +0300 (EETDST)

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Jim Hull wrote:

> > I guess the bootloader needs to force the W bit to 0?  I note that on
> > an interruption, the W bit is set to the value of the default width
> > bit, but how to set the default width bit is implementation defined.
> > Anyone care to hint at how to set the default width bit too?
> You use PDC_PSW to set the default width and default endian bits.  See page 2-59
> in:
> 	http://dtf.external.hp.com/dtf/swdev/pdf/pdc.pdf
There seems to be some problems with that url...
"Connection was refused by te server dtf.external.hp.com"

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