[parisc-linux] Booting the kernel

Mike Hibler mike@fast.cs.utah.edu
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 22:40:00 -0600 (MDT)

> Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 03:24:37 +0100
> From: Jon Peatfield <J.S.Peatfield@damtp.cam.ac.uk>
> To: alex@assyst-intl.com, deller@gmx.de
> Subject: Re: [parisc-linux] Booting the kernel
> This reminds me, does anyone have a working rbootd which runs on anything
> other than HP-UX?  If we turn all our HPs into Linux boxes it would be nice to
> still be able to boot them.  Of course looking at the rboot packets on the wire
> shows that they are not anything I recognise...

There is an rboot daemon that comes with all the BSDs and I believe the
same daemon will work on Linux as well.  There were some endian problems
once, but I think they were all solved so it should work on x86 boxes.
It requires BPF.