[parisc-linux] H60

Stan Sieler sieler@allegro.com
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 10:27:10 -0700 (PDT)


> Yep, my H60 is all HP-PB.  The series number on the back is an 827s, but
> it had a back plane upgrade several years ago to a 887 (H60).  This

Not that it matters much, but the 887 encompasses the G50/H50/I50 ...
all of which are 96 MHz machines with 512 KB cache, PA-7100 with the
PCX-T chipset).  The G60/H60/I60 appear to be slightly different (2 MB
cache, and the "PCX-T" doesn't seem to appear in HP literature). 
Still, the I/O is the same for the 887/G50/H50/I50/G60/H60/I60.

It would be interesting to see what "uname -i" reports on a "real" G60/H60/I60...
will it be 887 or ?

Stan Sieler                                          sieler@allegro.com