[parisc-linux] HP 712/60 AND Linux

Benjamin Graham BGraham@esigroup.com
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 11:47:21 -0500

Hello, I knew there had to be a PA-RISC port in the work, heh been looking.
I just bought a HP 712/60Mhz PA-RISC based HP/UX 10.20 workstation and am
interested greatly in adding Linux to it.  I also figured I would let you
all know, I paid 150$ with a monitor and keyboard but no monitor.  If anyone
else is interested in buying them the man to contact is:
Ryan D. Roberts
Compass Corporate Systems, Inc.
3105 Congress Avenue
Plano, Texas 75025
fax 972-208-3659
ryan.roberts@compass-corp.com <mailto:ryan.roberts@compass-corp.com> 
He had approx 100 when I talked to him and he was seemed to be able to get
more later.  If anyone is interested in them for development machines for
this project, let him know, he is interested in running Linux on them as

Thank you for your time,
Benjamin Graham
Network Engineer
Bgraham@esigroup.com <mailto:Bgraham@esigroup.com> 
501-975-0840 x239