[parisc-linux] initrd/ramdisk-Status...

Helge Deller Helge.Deller@ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 21:11:58 +0200


After my last commits, I think it is time to inform the list of the status
of initrd:

The first: initrd via bootloader should be usable now....

Internals / How to use:
I programmed it in such a way, that the bootable image in arch/parisc/boot/
holds a directory-structure for up to 63 possible ramdisks, which can be
selected during boot via initrd=<number> or initrd=<name>.  
The reason for adding support for multiple ramdisks is, that distributions
later can add easier support for multiple/different machines in one bootfile.

Ready-made-ramdisks with a name of "ramdisk.bin", which resides in the
main-directory of the Linux-Sources, will be automatically added during a "make
Image".  More ramdisks can be added at any time with the program

The bootloader will print at startup a list of all available ramdisks and
loads the first (if any) ramdisk by default. 
More, the bootloader gives you the possibility to change the commandline (and
the initrd=-command) if it is started via "boot lan isl" or "boot alt isl"... 

Since I didnīt knew, where to load the ramdisk I decided to load it to the end of the available RAM.
The adress will be printed during boot.

Ideas and comments are welcome,

Helge Deller.