[parisc-linux] Building the Bootstrap Code

Christopher Beard cjbeard@thepuffingroup.com
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 23:27:22 +0000 ( )

There was confusion earlier, so, here's a quick and dirty method for
building the bootstrap code that Jason Eckardt distributed and which is
currently in CVS under ``linux/arch/parisc/boot''

You will need to build the ``ipl'' binary using gcc 2.8.1, binutils 2.9.1
and HP's linker under HP/UX as the cross-compiling tool chain is currently

  i_addr  = 4096   # constant
  i_size  = 45056  # size of the stripped ipl binary
  i_entry = 4096   # < i_size
  k_addr  = 49152  # i_size + 4096
  k_size  = 28672  # size of the dummy_kernel
  k_entry = 4096   # < k_size

  strip ipl
  ../boot_tools/mkipl ipl
  ../boot_tools/mklifhdr hdr $i_addr $i_size $i_entry $k_addr $k_size $k_entry
  cat hdr pad_file ipl vmlinux > bootstrap.bin

This will produce a viable LIF volume that you can write to media or bootp
from. Again, this is pretty nasty, and is very temporarily until we teach
it how to read file systems.

- Chris