[parisc-linux] HP & Cygnus partnership

ALAN_C_MEYER@HP-FtCollins-om4.om.hp.com ALAN_C_MEYER@HP-FtCollins-om4.om.hp.com
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 05:40:42 -0600

 Even before this announcement, you could get GNUPro Toolkit on HP-UX, with 
 the most recent support being for 11.0, 32bit only.  The current 
 announcement reflects the fact that GNUPro will be enhanced to support 
 code generation for PA2.0 processors and to support 64 bit HP-UX in 
 general.  On the non-technical side, you can expect to see some marketing 
 and packaging activity around GNUPro on HP-supported platforms.  And, as 
 before, HP & Cygnus continue to collaborate around the gdb/wdb work.

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Subject: Re: [parisc-linux] HP & Cygnus partnership
Author:  Non-HP-cjbeard (cjbeard@thepuffingroup.com) at HP-ColSprings,mimegw4
Date:    4/5/99 5:43 PM

> Wonder if this will mean GNUPro Toolkit on HP-UX or what ?
"Hewlett-Packard Company and Cygnus Solutions today announced that they 
will deliver Cygnus' market-leading GNUPro Toolkit for HP-supported 
platforms under HP's Foundation Program for software development partners. 
Open-source developers now will have access to a common set of 
commercial-quality tools that facilitate development of applications 
deployed on Linux, HP-UX and Windows NT systems."
(Source: http://www.cygnus.com/news/hp.html, April 5th 1999)
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