[parisc-linux-cvs] linux-2.6 willy

Matthew Wilcox willy at parisc-linux.org
Wed Feb 4 05:49:40 MST 2004

CVSROOT:	/var/cvs
Module name:	linux-2.6
Changes by:	willy	04/02/04 05:49:40

Modified files:
	.              : Makefile 
	Documentation  : kernel-parameters.txt 
	Documentation/fb: modedb.txt 
	Documentation/i2c: porting-clients 
	arch/arm/configs: cerfcube_defconfig 
	arch/arm/kernel: asm-offsets.c entry-armv.S process.c ptrace.c 
	arch/arm/lib   : csumpartial.S csumpartialcopygeneric.S 
	                 io-readsb.S uaccess.S 
	arch/arm/mach-sa1100: cerf.c generic.c 
	arch/i386      : defconfig 
	arch/i386/boot : setup.S 
	arch/i386/kernel: apm.c dmi_scan.c io_apic.c mpparse.c setup.c 
	arch/i386/kernel/acpi: boot.c 
	arch/i386/kernel/cpu/cpufreq: acpi.c 
	arch/i386/mach-es7000: es7000.c 
	arch/i386/pci  : acpi.c common.c pci.h 
	arch/ia64      : Kconfig 
	arch/ia64/hp/common: sba_iommu.c 
	arch/ia64/kernel: entry.S ia64_ksyms.c irq_lsapic.c smpboot.c 
	                  time.c unaligned.c 
	arch/ia64/mm   : extable.c fault.c 
	arch/ia64/sn/io/sn2: xbow.c 
	arch/ia64/sn/kernel/sn2: Makefile sn2_smp.c 
	arch/ppc/boot/simple: embed_config.c 
	arch/ppc64     : defconfig 
	arch/ppc64/kernel: asm-offsets.c head.S iSeries_VpdInfo.c 
	                   lparcfg.c pacaData.c ppc_ksyms.c proc_ppc64.c 
	                   process.c prom.c rtas_flash.c setup.c 
	                   signal.c signal32.c stab.c sys_ppc32.c 
	arch/ppc64/mm  : hash_low.S hugetlbpage.c 
	arch/ppc64/xmon: start.c 
	arch/s390      : Makefile defconfig 
	arch/s390/kernel: compat_linux.c s390_ksyms.c 
	arch/s390/mm   : init.c 
	arch/sparc/kernel: traps.c 
	arch/sparc/mm  : fault.c srmmu.c 
	arch/sparc64/kernel: head.S power.c setup.c 
	arch/sparc64/mm: init.c 
	arch/x86_64/kernel: io_apic.c mpparse.c setup.c 
	arch/x86_64/kernel/acpi: boot.c 
	arch/x86_64/mm : extable.c k8topology.c 
	crypto         : sha256.c 
	drivers/acpi   : ac.c asus_acpi.c battery.c bus.c button.c ec.c 
	                 fan.c osl.c pci_link.c pci_root.c power.c 
	                 processor.c scan.c tables.c thermal.c 
	drivers/acpi/dispatcher: dsfield.c dsinit.c dsmethod.c 
	                         dsmthdat.c dsobject.c dsopcode.c 
	                         dsutils.c dswexec.c dswload.c 
	                         dswscope.c dswstate.c 
	drivers/acpi/events: evevent.c evgpe.c evgpeblk.c evmisc.c 
	                     evregion.c evrgnini.c evsci.c evxface.c 
	                     evxfevnt.c evxfregn.c 
	drivers/acpi/executer: exconfig.c exconvrt.c excreate.c exdump.c 
	                       exfield.c exfldio.c exmisc.c exmutex.c 
	                       exnames.c exoparg1.c exoparg2.c 
	                       exoparg3.c exoparg6.c exprep.c exregion.c 
	                       exresnte.c exresolv.c exresop.c exstore.c 
	                       exstoren.c exstorob.c exsystem.c 
	drivers/acpi/hardware: hwacpi.c hwgpe.c hwregs.c hwsleep.c 
	drivers/acpi/namespace: nsaccess.c nsalloc.c nsdump.c nsdumpdv.c 
	                        nseval.c nsinit.c nsload.c nsnames.c 
	                        nsobject.c nsparse.c nssearch.c 
	                        nsutils.c nswalk.c nsxfeval.c nsxfname.c 
	drivers/acpi/parser: psargs.c psopcode.c psparse.c psscope.c 
	                     pstree.c psutils.c pswalk.c psxface.c 
	drivers/acpi/resources: rsaddr.c rscalc.c rscreate.c rsdump.c 
	                        rsio.c rsirq.c rslist.c rsmemory.c 
	                        rsmisc.c rsutils.c rsxface.c 
	drivers/acpi/sleep: proc.c 
	drivers/acpi/tables: tbconvrt.c tbget.c tbgetall.c tbinstal.c 
	                     tbrsdt.c tbutils.c tbxface.c tbxfroot.c 
	drivers/acpi/utilities: utalloc.c utcopy.c utdebug.c utdelete.c 
	                        uteval.c utglobal.c utinit.c utmath.c 
	                        utmisc.c utobject.c utxface.c 
	drivers/block  : ll_rw_blk.c 
	drivers/cpufreq: cpufreq.c 
	drivers/i2c/busses: i2c-parport.h i2c-philips-par.c i2c-piix4.c 
	drivers/i2c/chips: lm75.c lm78.c lm85.c 
	drivers/ide    : Kconfig Makefile ide-probe.c ide-proc.c ide.c 
	drivers/ide/legacy: Makefile 
	drivers/ide/pci: Makefile cmd640.c 
	drivers/ieee1394: highlevel.c sbp2.c sbp2.h 
	drivers/md     : raid6x86.h 
	drivers/media/common: saa7146_hlp.c saa7146_video.c 
	drivers/media/dvb/dvb-core: dvb_frontend.c 
	drivers/media/dvb/frontends: alps_tdmb7.c nxt6000.c 
	drivers/media/dvb/ttpci: Kconfig 
	drivers/media/dvb/ttusb-dec: Kconfig ttusb_dec.c 
	drivers/mtd/maps: sa1100-flash.c 
	drivers/net    : tg3.c 
	drivers/net/irda: act200l-sir.c act200l.c actisys-sir.c 
	                  actisys.c ali-ircc.c ep7211_ir.c esi.c 
	                  girbil-sir.c girbil.c irport.c litelink-sir.c 
	                  litelink.c ma600-sir.c ma600.c mcp2120-sir.c 
	                  mcp2120.c nsc-ircc.c old_belkin-sir.c 
	                  old_belkin.c smsc-ircc2.c tekram-sir.c 
	                  tekram.c via-ircc.c w83977af_ir.c 
	drivers/net/sk98lin: skge.c 
	drivers/net/sk98lin/h: skversion.h 
	drivers/net/wan: pc300_drv.c 
	drivers/pci    : bus.c gen-devlist.c names.c pci-sysfs.c pci.ids 
	drivers/pci/hotplug: acpiphp.h acpiphp_core.c acpiphp_glue.c 
	                     acpiphp_pci.c acpiphp_res.c cpcihp_zt5550.c 
	                     pci_hotplug.h pci_hotplug_core.c 
	drivers/pcmcia : sa1100_cerf.c 
	drivers/s390/char: sclp.c sclp_con.c sclp_rw.c sclp_tty.c 
	drivers/s390/cio: device.c 
	drivers/s390/net: ctctty.c 
	drivers/serial : sunsab.c 
	drivers/usb    : Kconfig 
	drivers/usb/core: hub.c message.c usb.c usb.h 
	drivers/usb/gadget: Kconfig Makefile ether.c inode.c net2280.c 
	                    net2280.h serial.c zero.c 
	drivers/usb/host: ehci-hub.c ohci-hcd.c 
	drivers/usb/media: dabusb.c 
	drivers/usb/misc: Kconfig auerswald.c tiglusb.c 
	drivers/usb/serial: kobil_sct.c whiteheat.c 
	drivers/usb/storage: scsiglue.c unusual_devs.h 
	drivers/video/console: fbcon.c 
	fs             : compat_ioctl.c 
	fs/xfs         : Makefile xfs.h xfs_attr.c xfs_attr.h 
	                 xfs_attr_leaf.c xfs_attr_leaf.h 
	                 xfs_bmap_btree.c xfs_dir.c xfs_dir2_trace.c 
	                 xfs_log_recover.c xfs_types.h xfs_vfsops.c 
	fs/xfs/linux   : xfs_globals.c xfs_linux.h xfs_super.h 
	fs/xfs/quota   : xfs_qm.c 
	fs/xfs/support : ktrace.c ktrace.h uuid.c 
	include/acpi   : acconfig.h acdebug.h acdisasm.h acdispat.h 
	                 acevents.h acexcep.h acglobal.h achware.h 
	                 acinterp.h aclocal.h acmacros.h acnamesp.h 
	                 acobject.h acoutput.h acparser.h acpi.h 
	                 acpi_drivers.h acpiosxf.h acpixf.h acresrc.h 
	                 acstruct.h actables.h actbl.h actbl1.h actbl2.h 
	                 actypes.h acutils.h amlcode.h amlresrc.h 
	include/acpi/platform: acenv.h acgcc.h aclinux.h 
	include/asm-arm: assembler.h bitops.h cacheflush.h thread_info.h 
	include/asm-arm/arch-sa1100: cerf.h 
	include/asm-i386: acpi.h system.h 
	include/asm-ia64: a.out.h bugs.h byteorder.h checksum.h 
	                  current.h errno.h fcntl.h ioctl.h ioctls.h 
	                  machvec.h machvec_sn2.h mman.h namei.h numa.h 
	                  param.h poll.h posix_types.h processor.h 
	                  resource.h scatterlist.h siginfo.h signal.h 
	                  socket.h sockios.h stat.h statfs.h termbits.h 
	                  termios.h tlb.h types.h uaccess.h unaligned.h 
	include/asm-ppc: todc.h 
	include/asm-ppc64: bugs.h cputable.h hvcall.h mmu.h 
	                   mmu_context.h paca.h percpu.h pgtable.h 
	                   ppc_asm.h processor.h ptrace-common.h 
	include/asm-s390: atomic.h bitops.h byteorder.h checksum.h 
	                  div64.h pgtable.h processor.h rwsem.h 
	                  semaphore.h spinlock.h system.h timex.h 
	                  tlbflush.h uaccess.h 
	include/asm-sparc: highmem.h pgtsrmmu.h 
	include/asm-sparc64: io.h sections.h 
	include/asm-x86_64: acpi.h 
	include/linux  : compat_ioctl.h ide.h pci.h proc_fs.h usb.h 
	init           : main.c 
	ipc            : msg.c 
	kernel         : exit.c sched.c 
	kernel/power   : pmdisk.c 
	lib            : vsprintf.c 
	net/ipv4       : ip_output.c 
	net/ipv6       : tcp_ipv6.c 
	sound/usb      : usbaudio.c 
Added files:
	arch/ia64/sn/kernel/sn2: timer_interrupt.c 
	drivers/ide    : ide-generic.c 
	drivers/usb/gadget: file_storage.c 
	drivers/usb/host: ohci-omap.c ohci-omap.h 
	fs/xfs         : xfs_behavior.c xfs_behavior.h xfs_iomap.c 
	fs/xfs/linux   : kmem.h mrlock.c mrlock.h mutex.h sema.h spin.h 
	                 sv.h time.h xfs_buf.c xfs_buf.h 
Removed files:
	drivers/ide/ppc: Makefile 
	fs/xfs         : xfs_buf.h 
	fs/xfs/linux   : xfs_behavior.c xfs_behavior.h xfs_iomap.c 
	fs/xfs/pagebuf : page_buf.c page_buf.h 
	fs/xfs/support : kmem.h mrlock.c mrlock.h mutex.h sema.h spin.h 
	                 sv.h time.h 
	include/asm-ia64: machvec_sn1.h 

Log message:
merged to 2.6.2

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