[parisc-linux-cvs] linux-2.6 jejb

James Bottomley parisc-linux@lists.parisc-linux.org
Sat, 13 Sep 2003 13:48:44 -0600 (MDT)

CVSROOT:	/var/cvs
Module name:	linux-2.6
Changes by:	jejb	03/09/13 13:48:44

Modified files:
	.              : Makefile 
	arch/parisc/kernel: asm-offsets.c entry.S ptrace.c sys_parisc.c 
	include/linux  : ptrace.h 

Log message:
Correct a compile time clash with PT_SINGLESTEP in our parisc ptrace.c

In the latest kernel, PT_SINGLESTEP was added as a global #define to
include/linux/ptrace.h for exactly this problem in ARM.  Simply code
PA to use this value and also move our other tracing PT setting
(PT_BLOCKSTEP) into the global ptrace.h file as well