[parisc-linux-cvs] web varenet

Thibaut Varene parisc-linux@lists.parisc-linux.org
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 16:12:09 -0600 (MDT)

CVSROOT:	/var/cvs
Module name:	web
Changes by:	varenet	02/04/28 16:12:09

Modified files:
	.              : Tag: esiee_branch documentation.txt 
	src            : Tag: esiee_branch index.x template-body.x 
	src/contact    : Tag: esiee_branch index.x 
	src/contribute : Tag: esiee_branch index.x 
	src/documentation: Tag: esiee_branch hp9000_models.x index.x 
	src/faq        : Tag: esiee_branch index.x 
	src/glossary   : Tag: esiee_branch index.x 
	src/hardware   : Tag: esiee_branch index.x supported.x 
	src/history    : Tag: esiee_branch index.x 
	src/kernel     : Tag: esiee_branch index.x nfsroot.x 
	src/mailing-lists: Tag: esiee_branch index.x 
	src/release-0.9: Tag: esiee_branch errata-092.x errata-093.x 
	                 errata.x index.x release_090.x systems-093.x 
	src/software   : Tag: esiee_branch index.x install.x 
	src/status     : Tag: esiee_branch 1999.x 2000.x 2001.x index.x 
	src/toolchain  : Tag: esiee_branch PA-Linux-XC-HOWTO-01.x 
	                 PA-Linux-XC-HOWTO-02.x PA-Linux-XC-HOWTO-03.x 
	                 PA-Linux-XC-HOWTO-04.x PA-Linux-XC-HOWTO-05.x 
	                 PARISC-Linux-XC-HOWTO.x index.x 
	src/weekly     : Tag: esiee_branch 01072000.x 01142000.x 
	                 02042000.x 02112000.x 02182000.x 02252000.x 
	                 03032000.x 03102000.x 03172000.x 03312000.x 
	                 04072000.x 04142000.x 04212000.x 04282000.x 
	                 05052000.x 05122000.x 08112000.x 11191999.x 
	                 11251999.x 12031999.x 12101999.x 1999.x 
	                 19991119.x 19991125.x 19991201.x 19991203.x 
	                 19991210.x 19991231.x 2000.x 20000107.x 
	                 20000114.x 20000204.x 20000211.x 20000218.x 
	                 20000225.x 20000303.x 20000310.x 20000317.x 
	                 20000331.x 20000407.x 20000414.x 20000421.x 
	                 20000428.x 20000505.x 20000512.x 20000811.x 
	                 2001.x 20010119.x 20010125.x 20010202.x about.x 
	tools          : Tag: esiee_branch all.sh process.sh 
Added files:
	tools          : Tag: esiee_branch old_source_converter.sh 

Log message:
Final release.

Added tools/old_source_*.sh scripts which I used to convert the old .x source files to the new shtml scheme.
Updated documentation.txt. Still not very clear, might need review.
Updated tools/all.sh and tools/process.sh to match the new source scheme.

This branch should now be ready for merge with MAIN.

Enjoy ;o)