[parisc-linux-cvs] [web] update in esiee_branch

Grant Grundler grundler@dsl2.external.hp.com
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 23:32:07 -0600

Thomas Marteau wrote:
> Finally, I locked some structures like the cell that contains the menu 
> bar which has 150 as width. This way, no more fun with space all pages 
> look the same :)

I set up http://gsyprf11.external.hp.com/web/generated/.

Things are alot better.
Randolph saw "merge droppings" in the navigation bar.
I'm ok with this already going live as is.
Nav bar should be easy to fix - might only be my tree
though it was a fresh check out.

Here's a bunch of nits that I found which having nothing to
do with the structuring.  I can slowly fix with these if no
one else does:
o move "mailing lists" to under user resources in nav bar.
o add debian-hppa to both mailing lists page and contact page
  and explain the difference
o 0.9.3 release page could mention that PA-8700 is not supported.
o 0.9.3 "US2" web server is my machine (gsyprf10) and it
  no longer seems to be serving anything. Either remove the
  link or fix the server.
o FAQ Question #15 has the right text in the index at the
  top but the wrong question down below. Someone copied #14
  to get the formatting but forgot to change the text to
  match the entry at the top.
o I'd like to rework text of #15 too.
  Should point to archived mail which discusses the "why" part.
  Some details of "why" are in those mails that's worth "remembering".
o reorder the FAQ. eg "How can I compile a kernel" could be near the
  bottom next to "64-bit kernel" question.
  #5 can be combined with that.
o glossary should be a table. It would be easier to read.
o mailing lists descriptions. I'm convinced p-l gets way more
  traffic than p-l-cvs. reference debian-hppa list in the description
  of parisc-linux.

anyway....'nuf for now.