[parisc-linux-cvs] linux willy

Matthew Wilcox willy@puffin.external.hp.com
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 23:20:03 -0600

CVSROOT:	/home/cvs/parisc
Module name:	linux
Changes by:	willy	01/04/20 23:20:03

Modified files:
	include/asm-parisc: stat.h 

Log message:
This is the stat64 struct which 32-bit userspace applications will be
expecting.  All types used have the same size on 32 and 64 bit compiles,
so we don't need sys32_ wrappers.  Still untested, as I still haven't got
glibc to compile.  But it can't be worse than before, as the syscalls
would have previously returned an hpux stat64 which is definitely not
what we want.