linux-2.3 grundler

Grant Grundler
Fri, 2 Jun 2000 17:51:21 -0600

CVSROOT:	/home/cvs/parisc
Module name:	linux-2.3
Changes by:	grundler	00/06/02 17:51:21

Modified files:
	drivers/gsc    : dino.c 

Log message:
Paul Bame recoginized the DINO_FIX_IRQ() puts the irq index out past the
end of the irqaction[] which was allocated. I've removed need and use of
DION_FIX_IRQ() plus some other cruft I had left in before.

WARNING: my HPUX NFS server refuses to let NFS ROOT get mounted.
So this is only tested as far as NFS root mount failing.