binutils-2.10 amodra

Alan Modra
Fri, 7 Jul 2000 07:18:06 -0600

CVSROOT:	/home/cvs/parisc
Module name:	binutils-2.10
Changes by:	amodra	00/07/07 07:18:05

Modified files:
	bfd            : ChangeLog elf-hppa.h elf64-hppa.c 
	gas            : ChangeLog 
	gas/config     : tc-hppa.c 
	opcodes        : ChangeLog hppa-dis.c 

Log message:
Mostly minor warning/formatting fixes, except for
* elf64-hppa.c (get_dyn_name): Pass in section pointer instead of
bfd pointer.  Print section id instead of bfd pointer for local
syms.  Prefix addend with `+' for global syms as well as local.
Correct calculation of name component lengths.