binutils-2.10 amodra

Alan Modra
Thu, 6 Jul 2000 06:02:24 -0600

CVSROOT:	/home/cvs/parisc
Module name:	binutils-2.10
Changes by:	amodra	00/07/06 06:02:24

Modified files:
	bfd            : ChangeLog archures.c bfd-in2.h elf-hppa.h 
	                 elf32-hppa.c libcoff.h section.c 
	bfd/doc        : ChangeLog chew.c 

Log message:
Tidy various things.  Main user visible change is that stubs should
now be output in the same order given the same input.  Previously,
different builds of the linker could result in different stub order,
making it difficult to compare object files.