Alex deVries (Puffin Group)
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 00:26:35 -0600 (MDT)

Update of /home/cvs/parisc/linux/drivers/char
In directory

Modified Files:
	lasi_psaux.c pc_keyb.c serial.c 
Log Message:

Okay.  A lot of this work is Grant's sorting out IRQ stuff, but I got
Lasi interrupts to work properly, so he must be on to something.  I'm 
also somewhat blindly applying his Dino/PCI patches, I confess I haven't
tested them, but I figure we couldn't be worse off than we were with
PCI interrupts.

On the really positive side though, I figured out everything about Lasi
interrupts, and why they weren't working.  We had the #define for one
of the registers incorrect, and fixing that made everything work.

As proof that they really work, I got the Lasi keyboard to actually work
with interrupts (wuhoo!).  Right now it just prints somewhat random
characters on the screen, and will until I get the translations correct.