Mr. KADUNA PKO al_yahaya@yahoo.com
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 01:22:47 +0100

Dear good one=2C

I personally make this request that henceforth you and myself please be as good friends to each other=2E It is my pleasure to intimate you with this confidential business proposal=2E Furthermore=2C I=92m also elated to say the least as shall on the opinion of both parties be in the overall interest=2E

My name is Mr=2EKaduna PKO =28Nationality =96 Nigeria in West Africa=29=2E National Campaign Chief Co-coordinator of the ruling party known as Peoples Democratic Party =28PDP=29=2E

In 1999 I was appointed by the party to head a =96 10 =96 man committee that entered into accord and negotiation programme with some foreign partners through which their financial support=2C we won the election and produced a civilian president in person of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo=2E

Our party therefore later mandated and assigned to the above committee also headed by me to strictly act on agreement and compensate the concerned foreigners with awards of some contracts to the tune of $3 billion =28USD=29=2E And after the contracts had been executed accordingly=2C I made a huge realization of fund amounting $14=2C 700=2C 000=2E 00 =28USD=29 as over invoiced =96 bill=2E

It is in the cause of this transaction relating to the completed execution of contracts and advantage of my political appointment that the total sum of $14=2C 700=2C 000=2E 00 =28USD=29 was made manifest as my personal money=2C which has been deposited in MADRID-SPAIN in a reliable security company over there=2E

Finally=2C I needed a trust worthy foreign partner to whom will not expose me and to whom I will trust=2E As I go into negotiation of investment programme in your country with your support=2E

If this interests you=2C kindly authenticate your stand in naming your price in percent sharing=2E An action be commenced immediately I receive your urgent response=2EKindly include your private phone and fax numbers and bank information for easier communication=2E


Mr=2E Kaduna pko