[palinux-palo] bug#74: Palo ramdisk problems


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Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 17:26:41 -0500
From: "Paul J.Y. Lahaie" <pjlahaie@linuxcare.com>
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Package: palo
Version: 0.86

I've done a cvs update right before, so this should be the latest and
greatest(?) palo.

When you use a ramdisk with palo, the ramdisk does not seem to be found.

Here is the palo command line:
../palo/palo/palo -b ../palo/iplboot -k vmlinux -r ~/root.bin -c "0/vmlinux initrd=0/ramdisk console=ttyS0 root=/dev/ram0 HOME=/ TERM=linux" -s a180

Here is what PALO writes on bootup:

palo ipl pjlahaie@ljudfisk Fri Mar  9 17:07:49 EST 2001
0/vmlinux 2611079 bytes @ 0x6800
0/palo-cmdline '0/vmlinux initrd=0/ramdisk console=ttyS0 root=/dev/ram0 HOME=/ TERM=linux'
0/ramdisk 6553600 bytes @ 0x283f87
Kernel: partition 0 file /vmlinux
ELF32 executable
Entry 00100000 first 00100000 n 5
Segment 0 load 00100000 size 1512872 mediaptr 0x1000
Segment 1 load 00272000 size 184264 mediaptr 0x173000
Segment 2 load 002a0000 size 221536 mediaptr 0x1a0000
Segment 3 load 002d8000 size 8192 mediaptr 0x1d7000
Segment 4 load 00306608 size 76256 mediaptr 0x1d9608
branching to kernel entry point 0x00100000

Here is what the kernel says:
PALO command line: 'initrd=0/ramdisk console=ttyS0 root=/dev/ram0 HOME=/ TERM=linux'
PALO initrd 0-0
<text deleted>
Total Memory: 128 Mb
initrd: 00000000-00000000