[palinux-palo] bug#138: palo can't figure out 32/64


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From: Matt Taggart <taggart@carmen.fc.hp.com>
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Package: palo
Version: 0.92
Severity: grave

palo is trying to figure out 32/64 based on the kernel name. This breaks the 
default cross-compiling case of using "make palo" as the kernel is named 
vmlinux and you get the following on boot,

  Warning: kernel name doesn't end with 32 or 64... Guessing 32
  Couldn't grok your kernel executable format
  failed to load kernel

palo needs to figure this out a different way based on the kernel itself.

According to Paul the work around for now is to change your kernel command 
line to be specific (add 32 or 64 to the end of the kernel name like 

Matt Taggart        Linux Development Lab
taggart@fc.hp.com   HP Linux Systems Operation