[palinux-palo] bug#31: [parisc-linux-cvs] Hack for palo with >= 2G RAM


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From: Grant Grundler <grundler@cup.hp.com>

bame@riverrock.org wrote:
> When palo's stack and heap got moved up to the top of the first memory
> module, things went wrong for machines with >= 2G ram.  The culprit
> appears to be sign extension into the upper half of the double-word
> registers.

read "double-word registers" == PA2.0 CPU.
I only saw this on A500. ie PAT PDC.
Did this also occur on C3K/J5K/C200 type boxes as well?
(Just curious and perhaps good for the record as well)


Grant Grundler
parisc-linux {PCI|IOMMU|SMP} hacker