[kernel] bug#150: Bidirectional parallel ports

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In drivers/parport/parport_gsc.c:

        /* some older machines with ASP-chip don't support
         * the enhanced parport modes.
        if (boot_cpu_data.cpu_type > pcxt && !pdc_add_valid( (void *)(port+4))) 

                /* Initialize bidirectional-mode (0x10) & data-tranfer-mode #1 (
0x20) */
                printk("%s: initialize bidirectional-mode.\n", __FUNCTION__);
                parport_writeb ( (0x10 + 0x20), port + 4);

        } else {
                printk("%s: enhanced parport-modes not supported.\n", __FUNCTION

According to the Asp documentation, bidirectional mode is supported.
Someone should track down what the real problem was that caused this to
be disabled.

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